To Marble or not to Marble…that was the question?

October 12, 2015 1

I can honestly say I have been going over the details of this house from the moment we put in an offer. I would stay up each night not able to sleep thinking about faucets, countertops, hardware, flooring and everything else you could imagine!

Its so exciting to see our vision happening before our eyes. Our previous house I would say was “Industrial French Country”…lots of reclaimed wood, iron accents, edison bulbs, greys.

This was previous house:

I feel like that was all before having a family, that was us before baby, and now we want everything to be cozy and functional!
Today, we went and picked out our slab of marble for the countertops. We have gone with a white Carrara Marble countertop, and white subway tiles with light grey grout as the backsplash. We kept going back and forth with whether to do quartzite, or marble, but in the end we fell in love with the marble.

We are making sure to have it sealed so that it doesnt stain and honestly if a mishap happens, we will just buff it out and reseal. Life is about so much more, then “crying over spilled milk”, or in that case “stained marble”!

This whole process of moving and packing/renovating is stressful but little blessings pop up here and there reminding me what life is all about. For instance today, Vivi was wanting to run all around the marble place, getting bored because lets face it to a baby there is nothing fun about picking out Marble slabs. However, for the first time instead of calling me “Mama”, out of nowhere she called me “Mommy”. So, all today it has been “Mommy” this and “Mommy” that! Talk about melting my heart, and in those moments all is right!

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  • Shaharoh says:

    Yay for marble! I know it will turn out beautifully! I still call my mom Mommy! xoxo

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