Light at the end of the tunnel

October 29, 2015 0

I am finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a crazy past couple weeks but I am happy to report we are coming out on the other side. Its all starting to come together and actually feels like a home instead of a hollow box.

Eric had to go out of town for a family wedding last week, he wouldn’t have missed it and I wouldn’t have wanted him to. However, I am beyond grateful to my mom for flying out to help me with Vivienne and keeping my sanity amongst the chaos. Honestly, although it was a hectic 3 days for Eric traveling, I think it was good for him to get a break and not think about the house. He was able to visit with family and regroup before coming home to more renovations.

He has busted his butt literally all week. He works all day and then after works he starts on the projects around the house he needs to get done. First and foremost I wanted him to complete the living room and kitchen so we can have some normalcy back in our lives. We have been having take out for the past 3 weeks, and I beyond over it.

In this short week, he was able to complete the flooring in both the kitchen and living room. Cabinets are pretty much done, there just needs to be some touch ups here and there. Overall, they are ready for me to start putting things away. Appliances are being delivered on Saturday morning, and countertops will be delivered this weekend or Monday, Tuesday. Eric says he wants to have the bottom level of the house completely floored and trim sprayed so he can put it all back on during the week.



We were able to take a break yesterday and go to the pumpkin patch to have some family fun. It was just what we needed. I won’t even start on how bummed I am that I haven’t been able to watch Hocus Pocus whilst eating some freshly baked pumpkin something. There is always next year, and don’t think I won’t sneak all that in after Halloween!



I plan to get Vivi’s room set up this weekend, so we can go back to our normal routines with her. Tonight, we will bring in the living room furniture and hopefully after Vivi has gone to bed be able to sit for a few minutes and enjoy some wine.

When we came into this project, we said all along we just wanted to get the bottom level completed and slowly work on the upstairs. The only things we have done to the upstairs so far are new carpet in 2 bedrooms and stairs. The master bedroom and hallway are getting wood floors. The laundry room appliances are installed and we went with a white marble tile in there. I wanted it to very clean and fresh.

Next, is getting into all the details of decorating and really bringing this whole vision together. Wish us luck and I will be back in couple days for more updates!

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