Tear down, build back up and the “in between”

October 19, 2015 0

It has been very overwhelming over here in so many different ways. Two days ago I started having minor panic attacks because it felt like nothing was getting completed. I am very much a person who needs to complete a checklist before moving on to the next project. Well, during a renovation, that is just not possible. You have to have different projects going at the same time knowing it will come together in the end.

I am a mom though and trying to go about our daily life while this is all going on is a little “cray cray”! I thought I had moved past the panic attack from a couple days ago but today it was in full swing. It just seemed like I couldn’t get a break today. I had to take 5 min to myself and just breathe.

When I came back from my “little” breakdown. I realized we are “in between” things really coming together. You have to tear everything down before you can build it back up and the part in between well that is what we are dealing with right now.

Eric’s goal for this weekend was to get the kitchen completely ready for the cabinet refinishers to come and spray. He pulled off old existing wood that was under the old counter, built a shelf for wine above where the refriegerator is going to go, and ripped out the old backsplash, among many other tedious things. When he was ripping out the backsplash he realized he would have to rip out the drywall too and just replace it. It ended up being a blessing in disguise though because he was able to find a water line so we could put in the pot filler we wanted above the stove. Mama was excited about that!

So much other headway was made today and I can finally see everything coming together! Laundry room tile was layed and washer and dryer installed. Kitchen is now prepared for countertops that should arrive within the next week or so.

In order for you guys to picture the kitchen here is what we are going with:
-white subway tiles with a light grey grout for backsplash
-white carrara marble countertops
-white cabinets with oil rubbed bronze pulls, the island will be black with brass pulls
-farmhouse sink
-polished chrome country kitchen faucet

To see it all finally come together is going to be amazing!

We will be making a lot of progess next week, carpet will be installed and cabinets done. Wood floors will also start to go down. Can I just say that my husband is amazing and I love him for everything he does for this family. He was only able to take off a couple days for the move and some of the tear out, the rest he has done after he gets off work each night. I have to also give a huge THANK YOU to my brother as well for flying out here and helping us out the past couple weeks, there is no way this all could of gotten done without him.

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