Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

February 7, 2015 0

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I put together a few things I wouldn’t mind receiving!… And figured someone else might like to send this list to someone who may need some ideas as well!!!


1. Soy blend Candle-Champagne-$24
I mean a candle that smells like Champagne.. I’m in!
2. Fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers
I don’t love receiving flowers all the time but a bouquet of my favorite flowers on Valentine’s Day!… Priceless!!!
3. Jennifer Meyer mini heart ring-$275
Who doesn’t love a stacking ring? ….and honestly what a great reminder all year that someone cares a lot about you!
4. Eberjey heathered cropped pajama pant-$69
Okay for me it’s nice to get lingerie but let’s be honest that’s more of a present for our significant other!… You want to get me something I want, get me some cozy pjs that will help me slip right off to sleep and don’t leave me freezing!

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