How to: a Housewarming Basket

March 23, 2015 0

We all know the moment when we are invited to a housewarming party and at least for me I want to buy the perfect gift that fits their style and personality!… A gift that they go “OMG” they know me so well!”  Last weekend I was invited to one and all of my friends decided to do one huge basket and all contribute a certain amount and I would go around and put it together!!!  I loved every second of it!!!!!

Items I picked for this particular basket:

1.  A plant-  I chose this orchid because it fits her beachy style and let’s be honest who doesn’t love an orchid!… You could get flowers but who wants to deal with smelly water and fallen petals!  It came in a different pot but I didn’t love it so I went to Pottery Barn and purchased a white and terra cotta distressed pot!

2.  Home Depot gift card- You can’t go wrong with this!… How many times have you been moving into a house and made a huge list of items you need from your nearest Home improvement store that someone will have to drop everything and go get?… I would say everytime!

3. A candle- my favorite thing to do when I move into a new home is to unpack everything, making it feel as though I have lived there for years and then light my favorite candle, sit back, have a glass of wine and bask in all my interior accomplishment glory!  

4.  A bottle of their favorite wine and spirits- Find out what they like to drink so when they are unpacking they will have something great to pop open and celebrate their new digs! I picked a bottle of Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon  ( one of my favs and absolutely delicious) and an IPA and while your at it throw in some chocolates too!

5.  Something to bake- I don’t know about everybody else but the kitchen is my favorite place to be in my house!.. I have the best conversations whilst cooking and having some wine!.. The kitchen is literally my living room!… So add something in the basket that they can bake and enjoy later!.. It makes the house smell amazing and instantly feels like home!

5.  Personal Touch- it’s important to know the other persons style and add something that you know they will love and lets them know you get them!… Something that they will stop and catch glimpses of throughout the years and think about how much they are loved!  For us we picked a Nautical knot doorstop!

6.  The “basket”- you want to put everything in  something they can use again and not throw out!… I picked a woven basket that she could use for magazines later or to put some folded throw blankets!  I put some burlap in the bottom so add some height and texture!..If someone is more rustic then you could use a wooden pallet or if they are more French country you could put in a copper bowl!… Bottom line just know them and what would make them happy!

Hope this all helps!!!!

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