Homemade 3 ingredient Deodorant

Homemade 3 ingredient Deodorant

February 18, 2015 1

Okay ladies and gents, I don’t know about you but I do not like to put anything in my body or in my body that could cause me to die any earlier (seriously I am freaked out by death)!!!That being said “I decided to make my own deodorant!”… There are so many disgusting chemicals in deodorants out on the market, I am ashamed I didn’t think to do his earlier!!!! It is seriously so simple I can mix it up in 2 secs!!!!


1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 arrowroot flour
5 Tbsp coconut oil


1. Heat up coconut oil till melted.

2. Combine arrowroot flour and baking soda in a container of choice.

3. Add coconut oil to dry ingredients!!!!

Voila!!!! You have yourself homemade deodorant!!!! Amazing!

For fun: Try adding in essential oils and see if you come up with a scent you like!

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  • Yvonne says:

    Hey Olivia! Enjoying your blog so far. Totally going to make this as soon as I get my hands on some arrowroot flour!

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